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Sunday School Materials That Are For Sale

Sunday school is important for kids to learn about God. The experience enables them to find age-appropriate bible teachings that their young minds can absorb easily. Sunday school also has other benefits, such as forming good habits and making new friends. However, Sunday school isn’t as effective without the right Sunday school teaching materials.

The importance of learning materials in fostering creative learning is proven by research studies. However, which learning materials should be used in Sunday school? Are you searching for Sunday school material for sale? Below are materials bound to make Sunday school learning more fun and effective.


I. Young children worship books

Worship books specifically meant for young children are among the best Sunday school learning materials to consider buying for your child. The books present invaluable lessons in a manner that children can understand. The books cover the entire Bible from creation to Pentecost.

The unique storytelling formats and multi-sensory materials featuring colorful underlays allow children to generate interest as well as expand their imagination. Find the best young children’s worship books for sale here!


II. Mystery puzzles

To test a child’s understanding of different bible teachings and symbols, mystery puzzles are great learning materials to consider. The puzzles could be for anything from the cross to commandment tablets. Bible-related puzzles are great resources for making Sunday school learning as interesting as any other kid’s activity. Get an Easter mystery cross puzzle NOW!


III. Noah’s Ark wood figures

The Noah’s Ark in the form of wood figures is also great Sunday school learning material for teaching kids one of the most valuable events and lessons in the Bible. Noah built an Ark after being directed to do so by God. Noah’s story teaches about God’s love, provision, and how he invites us to his work. From the story, we see God as an architect and engineer.

Teaching about Noah’s Ark during Sunday School and engaging children in building an actual Ark is a great way to ensure such a great lesson is committed to memory. If you are searching for Sunday school material for sale, consider buying wooden Noah’s Ark resources and materials from Worship Woodworks.


IV. Creation cards and prints

The creation story is the first and most important bible story. However, for kids to find creation interesting, you need interesting learning materials like creation cards and prints. Cards and prints with different creations ranging from light (sun) to water, sky, and plants are important for fostering interest and helping kids understand the sequence and nature of the creation story better. Buy creation color prints and creation cards NOW!


V. Temple crafts

There’s no better way of showing kids how a temple looked like other than making them build one like Solomon. Worship Woodworks has great wooden temple sets for children to build temples as they go through important Sunday school teachings. The sets have everything from pillars to wood trays and artifacts ideal for children up to 6 years old going through the Old Testament.


VI. Wilderness resources and materials

The temptation mountain, a Jesus figure, and stones are great Sunday school learning materials to use when teaching about Jesus’s story in the wilderness. Having actual stones, the mountain where Jesus was tempted by Satan, and other related materials can make the story more interesting. Buy Jesus in the wilderness resources NOW.


VII. The church timeline

A church timeline with all the different seasons in the church year is a great way of committing the timeline to a child’s memory. Bible study lessons aren’t complete without a church timeline. What’s more, children are likely to remember when they have relatable learning materials. A church timeline with color blocks, season labels, and arrows is a great way to show the different church seasons in a year.

Buy a church timeline with complete seasons (advent, ordinary time, epiphany, lent, etc.) and teach your kid/s how the church “tells” time.


VIII. Ascension set

The last best Sunday school learning material for teaching in this list is an ascension set. The story of Jesus can’t be told conclusively without discussing how he ascended into heaven. It is possible to get an ascension set full with a candle, matchbox, underlay, a Jesus figure, and other materials to explain ascension in a way that Sunday school-going children will understand.


In a nutshell, Sunday school lessons are best illustrated through learning materials that ministers, teachers, and parents can use.

Worship Woodworks dates back over 25 years. Since 1994, the company has been making any material that is capable of helping ministers, teachers, and parents teach God’s stories.

Get Sunday school material for sale NOW. Visit Worship Woodworks for all your Sunday School learning materials.