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The materials are designed to inspire parents to engage children in religious study, outside, and with others, as well as to give them trust in their ability to open the Bible at the house.

The games and discussion starters are intended to give families a taste of what it is like to talk about religion in daily life. This might serve as a springboard for them to test out additional tools.

Gather at home for some time with children and educate them about spirituality. Religious materials could help children to enjoy the challenges that will make them laugh and be informed. All Sunday school bible classes are crafted to assist leaders, families, and educators in their ministry to kids by offering quality religious study materials for children. Ensure you have a version of Biblical Teachings for full bible study teaching materials.

Best religious materials for children

The materials help children to see the bible points. Children could engage in fun activities like art, music, and materials that would keep the children busy every week. It is the best way to develop some interest regarding religion in children through these materials. Some of the Religious educational materials for children for sale are mentioned below:

Baptism (Complete)

Worship Woodworks - The Baptism Story Complete Wooden Set

Vibrant colors felt underlay set the stage for wooden models to act out the tales, allowing kids to use their imaginations. The patterns of the different materials used, as well as the wondering queries, extend and create even more perceptions. Figures, houses, hills, and other physical materials appeal to people of all ages’ expressive and creative senses.

The Baptism tale is a wooden Bible tale with Godly parts and equipment for Sunday school classes, child’s Bible studies, and religious instruction. 4 wood figures, candle and holder, matchbox, snuffer, baptismal font, satin underlay approx 27” x 22”, and a 14” wood tray is included in the Baptism story collection. A baptism dress for an 8-inch baby doll is available as an option.

Books of the Bible

Godly tools and equipment for Sunday school classes, child’s Prayer groups, and religious instruction are included in the Textbooks of the Bible collection. Books are the greatest source to provide education on religion. Children enjoy reading books.

Summary Cards

The summary cards are only for the books of the bible. These cards are penned by Rev. Dick Gibson.

The textbook, Following Jesus, is a variation of the well-known and well-respected Young Children and Worship Sunday school classes and resources.

A New Teaching (Complete)

A New Teaching is a wood Bible tale with Godly tools and equipment for Sunday school classes, child’s Bible studies, and religious education. The tale of Jesus learning in the synagogue is told in A New Teaching. 12 multi-wood boxes, synagogue, and felt Ocean of Galilee underlay are included in this collection.

Appearance to Mary Magdalene

For the Sunday school and bible lesson class, look at resources for Appearance to Mary Magdalene. There are supplements and replacements for the story in the bible that will support you to finish the kid’s ministry program.

Disciples of Christ Baptism Story

Worship Woodworks - Disciples of Christ Baptism Story Lesson

The Baptism Tale of the Disciples of Christ is a wood Bible tale for Sunday school classes and child’s Bible reading. This Baptism text, which was written primarily for the disciples of Christ, contains examples of many other baptismal practices.

Parable of the Great Banquet

Worship Woodworks - Parable of The Great Banquet Set

This resource with Godly tools and materials for Sunday school classes includes child’s Bible lessons and religious instruction. The Realm of Heaven is described as a big feast in the Fable of the Great Banquet. Colour paintings placed on a wooden small case and felt underlay are included in the collection, which measures 13″ x 10″ x 3″.

Young Children and Worship (Spiral Book)

Worship Woodworks - Young Children & Worship Spiral Bound Version

Sonja Stewart and Jerome Berryman have considered the children’s needs into consideration in the spiral-bound edition of this book and invented an exciting approach for exposing kids to the mystery of worship. Their method, which combines religious instruction and spirituality, has been featured in several seminars and training programs. The approaches outlined here, based on the authors’ observations, would be indispensable to teachers assisting children in understanding and appreciating worship.

Young Children and Worship Bookmarks

This set contains 41 colorful bookmarks from the book “Young Children and Worship”. Every bookmark matches the story mentioned in the book.

The Psalms: Prayers of the People

It is a wood Bible tale with Godly resources and knowledge for Sunday school classes. Dick Gibson’s tale, The Psalms: People’s Prayers, was another one of his works.

Boy Jesus in the Temple (Complete)

Worship Woodworks - Boy Jesus in the Temple Full Set

It is the best material for Sunday classroom lessons, child’s group study, and religious information. This set contains five wooden boxes, a temple, a little table, underlay, and a 14″ wooden tray.

This temple is mentioned in the tales from the books “Young Children and Worship” and “Following Jesus”. This is the best setting for children.

Advent with Stand (Complete)

Advent with a stand set is a godly resource that is the best for children’s study of religion. It will create interest in the children. Advent is the tale of the birth of Christ. This set contains thirteen wooden figures, underlay, five wooden cards, a wooden stand, and Bethlehem.

Advent in Purple (Complete)

This is the best resource to add to your child’s collection. This is an interesting resource educating children about the tale of Christ’s birth. This set contains thirteen wooden figures, purple underlay, five wooden cards, a 14″ wooden tray, and Bethlehem.

Mini Advent

Mini advent is the ideal resource for Sunday school classes and giving religious education to the children. This set includes wooden figures, Bethlehem, mini advent cards, wooden boxes, and underlay.

Gift Cards (Prints)

The set includes seven gift cards which are printed on marbleized paper and ready to be laminated to use in God’s gift.