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Abram and Sarai Sunday School Wood Craft


Sunday school or also known as a church school is for children who are part of the parish or church. It’s a vehicle for teaching the principles of the bible and Christian religion. Children are being taught about the bible stories. They can also learn arts and crafts during Sunday school.

Although most of the Sunday school is free, you also need to buy Sunday school wood crafts for your kids. It will make it easier for them to understand the stories from the bible. They can picture it from the wood crafts that they will make for the class.


Best Sunday School Learning Materials For Kids

If you want to buy Sunday wood crafts, you can find the best Sunday school learning material for kids online. Worship Woodworks has a lot of available products for young children. It’s the best place to get what your kids need for their Sunday school. The site has a category of worship wood crafts for children. Below are just a few examples you can check out.


1. Abram and Sarai

Get the complete set of Abram and Sarai or find pieces to complete your kid’s bible stories. There are separate pieces that you can buy if your child only needs a replacement for the set. Below is the list of items in this category.

  • City of Haran
  • 11″ Carry Tray
  • 2 Pieces of Multi-Wood Figures
  • Rocks and Box
  • 3″ Wooden Basket with Lid
  • 4″ Wooden Box with Lid


2. Advent

Worship Woodworks - Advent Woodcraft Set

This category is composed of 19 items that you can choose from. It will help the ministers, teachers, and parents to teach the children more effectively. Check out the items below that you can choose from in this category.

  • Advent with Stand
  • Advent in Purple
  • Advent in Blue
  • Mini Advent
  • Blue Advent Cards Muti-Wood
  • Purple Advent Cards Multi-Wood
  • Bethlehem Multi-Wood
  • Mini Bethlehem
  • 13 Multi-Wood Figures
  • Advent Stand
  • Mini Advent Figures
  • Mini Advent Cards
  • Blue Advent Underlay
  • Advent Felt Kit
  • Purple Advent Underlay
  • Laminated Advent Card Color Prints
  • Mini Advent Underlay
  • 14″ Carry Tray
  • Advent Card Color Prints


3. An Ark and Tent for God

There’s a complete set that you can buy for this category. But if your children need to get a replacement for certain parts, it’s all available from the list below. All you have to do is choose which part your kids need.

  • 5 pieces – Tabernacle
  • Artifact Set
  • Overlays
  • Ark of the Covenant
  • Canvas Fence
  • 17″ Carry Tray
  • Table of Shewbread
  • Laver
  • Altar of Burnt Offering
  • Menorah
  • Incense Altar
  • Priest Figure
  • Oblong Basket


4. Appearance to Mary Magdalene

Worship Woodworks - Appearance to Mary Magdalene Woodcraft Set

This woodcraft is available in a complete set with or without the wood tomb. There are different types of tomb available as well. Your child can choose below which part they need for their Sunday school project.

  • Appearance to Mary Magdalene with Wood Tomb
  • Appearance to Mary Magdalene Complete Set
  • Wood Tomb
  • Resin Tomb
  • Discounted Tomb
  • 5 Figures Multi-Wood
  • Underlay for Appearance to Mary Magdalene
  • 14″ Carry Tray
  • 6″ Wooden Basket with Lid


5. Ascension

The complete set is available for the kids to just assemble them. But if your kids are missing some parts of this category, you can just get the replacement to whichever is missing. Just choose which one your kids need to complete the ascension piece.

  • Ascension Complete Set
  • White Satin Underlay
  • 14″ Carry Tray
  • Candle
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Matchbox with Matches


6. Baptism

The complete baptism set is available as well as the other parts for replacement. You can also let your children choose the items they need to complete the Baptism for their Sunday school. There are different parts that you can get individually in case of missing parts that should complete this set.

  • Baptism Multi-Wood
  • White Satin Underlay
  • 4 Figures Multi-Wood
  • “14 Carry Tray
  • Candle
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Dove
  • Baptismal Font
  • Matchbox with Matches
  • 6″ Wooden Basket with Lid


7. Boy Jesus in the Temple

Aside from the complete set of this piece, replacement pieces are also available. It’s an excellent woodcraft idea for your kids. This will help them visualize this bible story better. It’s also a good project for your children to make.

  • Complete Set of Boy Jesus in the Temple
  • Boy Jesus Temple
  • 5 pieces Muti-Wood Figures
  • Underlay for Boy Jesus
  • 14″ Carry Tray
  • 6″ Wooden Basket with Lid


8. Creation

Worship Woodworks - The Creation Complete Set

The Creation is the best way for your kids to start with learning the bible. This complete set for the Creation will help them imagine how it happens. It’s a perfect project for their Sunday school and a great display for their bedroom to remind them about this bible moment.

  • Complete Creation with Stand
  • Creation Puzzle
  • Complete Mini Creation
  • Complete Creation with Tray
  • Creation Cards
  • Creation Wood Stand
  • Felt Creation Card Kit
  • Laminated Creation Color Prints
  • 14″ Carry Tray
  • Creation Color Prints
  • Creation Underlay


9. Exile and Return

Worship Woodworks - Exile and Return Complete Set

The complete set of Exile and Return will help your kids to build this scene from the bible easily. It also comes with other accessories to make this woodcraft more realistic. This is an excellent project for children who attend Sunday school in their ministry.

  • Complete Set Exile and Return
  • 17 pieces Muti-Wood Figures
  • 11″ Carry Tray
  • Chain


10. Noah’s Ark

The Noah’s Ark complete set will provide your children everything they need to reenact that moment from the ark. But if your kids end up with missing pieces, don’t worry about it. There are replacement pieces available to buy on their own. It’s also a good idea to get the small parts as a spare in case they went missing in the future.

  • Complete Set Noah’s Ark
  • Noah’s Ark
  • 12 pieces Multi-Wood Figures
  • 14″ Carry Tray
  • Prism
  • Underlay for Noah’s Ark
  • Box with Rocks
  • 6″ Wooden Basket with Lid
  • Green Olive Leaf



These are just a few examples of the best Sunday school learning materials for kids. But there are more woodcraft sets that you can find from the site. It’s all made for worship and even adults can find the woodcraft for themselves. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Worship Woodworks now for your children’s Sunday school project.