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4.25″ Bambo Basket with lid

Despite being elderly and having no children, God assured Abram (Abraham) and his wife Sarai (Sarah) that one day they would become parents. The Lord God tells Abram and Sarai that they would be blessed with a son. This incredible news was so astonishingly surreal that it caused Abraham to burst into uncontrollable laughter.

One day three visitors came to Abram’s house. The visitors asked Abram, “Where is your wife, Sarai?” Abram replied, “She’s in the other room”. Then one of the men spoke and said, “I will come back to see you at this time next year, and Sarai will have a son.” Later when the visitors had left, Abram and Sarai realized that the man who had told them this was indeed God.

After a year, Sarai conceived and bore Abram a son in his old age, at the time of which God had spoken to him. Abram gave the name Isaac to the son whom Sarai bore him. The couple was overwhelmed with joy and expressed their gratitude for God’s promise of the precious gift.

Moral of the Story

This story serves as a powerful reminder to have faith in God’s plan for us. It is also an excellent illustration for children of the significance of patience – just like Abram and Sarai, even after multiple long years, never gave up their trust in Him.

Worship Woodworks’ Handcrafted Materials for Sunday School Lesson – Abram and Sarai

Bible stories as they are written in the Bible can often be complex for young children to understand due to the language used fully. When teaching children about Abram and Sarai, this handcrafted material is a wonderful way to engage children and assist them in understanding the story. and ensuring that you draw children’s attention to the purpose of the story and the overall meaning of it.

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