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Advent Sunday School Lesson

Advent is a great way to get your kids excited about Jesus Christ during Christmas. Let’s learn how to make Advent for your family!

With Christmas celebrations and preparations in stores before Thanksgiving, it appears that Advent has been seized. As Christians, we must work harder than previously to assist our children to recall “The season’s reason for being.” Making crafts may be beneficial.

It’s all too easy for kids to believe that the reason for the season is receiving gifts in our hyper-commercialized society. It has become almost taboo to mention baby Jesus even in family-oriented Christmas films that discuss “the enchantment of Christmas.”

Besides reading your children the story of Christmas from the Bible, tell the story of Christ’s birth using Worship Woodworks’ Christmas lessons materials for Advent. Let them play with their manger scene and add to it as Advent progresses.

Browse Worship Woodworks’ materials for Advent for your Sunday school & bible study classroom. These are additional and replacement pieces for the bible story that will help you complete your children’s ministry curriculum. Worship Woodworks hand crafts all these materials to help ministers, parents, and teachers to aid in your ministry to children by providing quality bible study materials for kids. For complete bible study lesson plans, make sure you have a copy of the Young Children and Worship book.