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Books of the Bible Sunday School Lesson

Sunday School was where many first learned the 66 books of the Bible. The order is more in terms of subject matter — history, wisdom literature, prophecy, gospel accounts, letters, and so on — than in the chronological order in which they were written. We must not only educate children on the 39 Old Testament books in most Christian Bibles and 27 New Testament scriptures but also emphasize that above all else, these stories are a demonstration of God’s unconditional love and mercy through Jesus Christ! To assist in comprehending this divine message with greater clarity and appreciation, here are some exciting activities to help kids learn about each book contained within – guiding them along as they explore every word written by our heavenly Father.

Instilling knowledge of the entire Bible Books in your kids’ Sunday school class can be exciting and fun! Keep kids enthralled while they learn by using Worship Woodworks’ materials in your bible lessons. Not only will this teach them a valuable foundation that they’ll use throughout life, but it’s certain to bring laughs along with learning.

Worship Woodworks’ Handcrafted Materials for Sunday School Lesson – Books of the Bible

Bible stories as they are written in the Bible can often be complex for young children to understand due to the language used fully.

When you teach kids about the Books of the Bible, this handcrafted material is a wonderful way to engage children and assist them in understanding the story. and ensuring that you draw children’s attention to the purpose of the story and the overall meaning of it.

Browse all the different Books of the Bible for your Sunday school & bible study classroom. These are additional and replacement pieces for the bible story which will help you complete your children’s ministry curriculum. Worship Woodworks hand crafts all these materials to help ministers, parents, and teachers to aid in your ministry to children by providing quality bible study materials for kids.