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Mezuzah Case

Exodus begins in the Egyptian region called Goshen. The people then traveled out of Egypt and, it is traditionally believed, moved toward the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula. They camped at Mount Sinai, where Moses received God’s commandments.

Exodus: God saves His people from Egypt

In Exodus, God delivers the Jewish people from their oppressors in Egypt to the promised land and forges a profound bond with them. This book of the Pentateuch is where we find renowned stories such as The Ten Plagues, Passover, the Red Sea crossing event, and The Ten Commandments. It stands apart due to its significance in history that continues until this day.

The book title was inspired by Israel’s large exodus from Egypt, but that is just the beginning of the narrative. This story chronicles their journey out of Egypt and into an arid wasteland where they are commanded to serve God and not succumb to idolatry-like lands beyond theirs. In the book of Exodus, God reveals His expectations to the people of Israel in what we now call The Ten Commandments. 

Important characters in Exodus

God – The Lord of heaven and earth, selects Israel to be his chosen nation on Earth. He wages war against the deities of Egypt. God tells Moses to return to Egypt, free the Hebrews from slavery, and lead them into Canaan

Moses – The Old Testament prophet Moses was an extraordinary figure – he acted as the intermediary between God and mankind in Exodus, negotiating for Israel’s freedom with Pharaoh and delivering to them divine laws from on high. 

Pharaoh – the primary villain in Exodus, victimizes Israel and massacres countless lives. Despite being worshiped as one of Egypt’s gods, Pharaoh has no authority over God’s chosen people. 

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