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Noah’s Ark Sunday School Lesson

The story of Noah’s Ark is a lesson for us all. God saw how very sinful the earth had become. All of the people on earth were leading very sinful lives. It was full of mean and harmful acts. In the Bible verse Genesis 6:1-9:17, we will learn about Noah’s Ark and its story which includes an explanation of why God decided to destroy the human race by sending a flood upon them. So Noah did everything exactly as God commanded him. He ignored the ridicule of others, but Noah loved God and he did what God asked – to build an Ark. Noah trusted God. God saved Noah. They escaped into the ark with all the animals they could get and lived on the dry ground outside of the waters of the flood.

The main points we want to learn are: God takes sin seriously and it is important to obey God. What does this story teach kids? It teaches us that our creator is a god who has always been there for us through good and bad times. It also teaches us how important it is to listen to God when he speaks through his words.

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