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Parable of the Good Shepherd (Color Print Only)

What is the Parable of the Good Shepherd?

The Good Shepherd is someone who takes care of his flock of sheep. He guides them and protects them from harm. He provides them with food and water and makes sure they are safe and healthy. The Good Shepherd is always there for his sheep, and they can count on him to take care of them.

“The sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and the sheep follow Me”

In this parable, Jesus Christ tells the story of a great shepherd who needs to find a lost sheep. The shepherd is warned that wolves are in the area, but he looks for the sheep anyway. When he sees it, he brings it back to the flock and rejoices over it as if it were his own sheep. To him, a large sheep pen with a gatekeeper guarding the door ensures that only the true shepherd goes in and out with their vulnerable sheep. This image evokes how Jesus describes the people as “sheep without a shepherd” (1Mark 6:34) He lovingly cares for His sheep, the shepherd’s voice that matters most (John 10:4).

The parable is often used as a metaphor for Jesus’ relationship with his followers. He was like the one shepherd who was willing to go out and find those who were lost and bring them back into his flock. It’s hard work—the good shepherd has to fight off all sorts of dangers—but ultimately it’s worth it because it helps strengthen the whole flock.

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