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Parable Box – Cardboard

The Parable of the Sower: An Inspiring Tale and its Profound Lesson

This Sunday School lesson illuminates Jesus’ parable of the seeds planted on disparate types of soil – a simple yet profound story with remarkable implications. A crowd surrounded Jesus as he revealed to them the Parable of the Sower. He related a story about a farmer who spread his seeds on four distinct types of soil, each with its own outcome.

  • The first type of ground was impervious, and the seed could not germinate or take root in any way, so it got snatched up quickly.
  • Then there was stony soil which allowed the seed to plant but with little reward as its roots withered under the sun’s glare.
  • Thorny earth provided a chance for growth too; however, all progress eventually became smothered by persistent thickets of thorns.
  • Finally, we come upon good soil that enables proper planting: deep enough to establish strong roots and yield substantial fruit when ripe.

Moral Lesson

In the parable of the Sower, Jesus is symbolized as the seeder, and His word is represented as seed. 

  • The hard ground symbolizes a person with an impenetrable heart, saturated in sin, which hears the gospel but fails to believe it.
  • The seed falling on rocky ground refers to a person who shows a fleeting interest in the Gospel, but his heart remains unconvinced. When trouble and trials come, their faith has not been fortified strong enough to remain standing.
  • Some other seed fell among thorny ground is a person who hears the Gospel but has an array of other things vying for their attention – financial worries, material wealth, and carnal desires that consume their thoughts and emotions. As a result, they struggle to deepen in faithfulness to God’s Word.
  • The fertile soil or good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it., allowing it to take root within his life. This individual exemplifies genuine salvation that yields abundantly fruitful results.

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