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As you know, Young Children & Worship was under the care and direction of the late Sonja Stewart. During that time, Young Children & Worship was based out of Western Seminary where it was supported, funded, and had a state of the art Young Children & Worship center. After Sonja’s death, there was much debate about how to move forward with Young Children & Worship. After many wonderful talks, much hard work, and in light of the continuing growth of the program we are pleased to announce that Children & Worship is moving forward to becoming it’s own non-profit organization under the guidance of the new Children & Worship Ecumenical Team.

This team consists of the Rev. Olivia Stewart Robertson, granddaughter of Sonja Stewart, who will become the Executive Director of Children & Worship, the Rev. Kaye Edwards, director and innovator of Children Worship & Wonder with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the USA and Canada, Tawnya Helmling, daughter in-law of Sonja Stewart and storyteller and trainer who worked with Sonja for fifteen years, and Sally Selzer, owner of Worship Woodworks.

We need your help with this endeavor. We would like to create a new context within which Children & Worship will flourish by establishing a non-profit corporation. Creating a non-profit organization successfully means working with lawyers, accountants, and professionals who can make sure it is set up correctly. Funding is necessary to support the new organization as it gathers information and supports churches using Children & Worship. (Provigil) It is our dream that we will be able to provide scholarships for training, materials for churches with low incomes, and funding to send trainers to even more places across the globe. We are reaching out to those who know and love this program and would be willing to support its growth as we move forward. We ask that you would consider donating an amount you are able.