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Jesus Christ Story Materials For Children

Introducing the concept of God to your little one is always a fun exercise. But at times, we are often left wondering if they can genuinely connect with the love of God. They may scramble for ways to love him back, especially if they are not fully aware of the concept.

The solution? Change your approach and introduce Jesus to your child in a way that would help them connect with him. But how do you do that? How do you simplify the miracles and wonders of Jesus and find a straightforward approach to explain it to your kids? Well, that is exactly what we are going to find out throughout this article.

Introduce the Concept of Respect

If you are a parent to a young kid, your journey of introducing Christ begins with the responsibility of teaching your child about respect. Instill faith in your child to respect God, his supreme presence, and his kind authority. We know from the psalmist that fearing consequences lead us to the path of true wisdom. (Zolpidem) And that is exactly what you need to instill in your child.

Teach your child about the need to respect Christ. Introduce them to the consequences of disrespect and do this in a fun and interactive way. Although a vast majority of our population enjoys recounting fun Bible tales, we can’t draw a line just there.

Tell your kid how Jesus is their friend. This will instill a warm and happy feeling, eventually paving the path to spiritual awareness. Additionally, you can also reinstate the following pointers to your little one. This will certainly solidify their respect and faith in the almighty. Here’s what you need to say:

  • God is powerful, and he can achieve anything.
  • Jesus always lives by his promises if you are respectful to people around you.
  • Christ has given us a set of rules, and we need to obey them.
  • Even if we, as parents, can’t see if we are being naughty, Jesus will always see it. He is omniscient, and he knows everything you’ve been up to.
  • God binds us with discipline because he is genuinely affectionate towards us.

Tell Them About Faith

Talking to Kids About Faith
Faith is not always a straight line. More often than not, it is messier than ever. You feel guilty every time you lose your temper and feel worried every time the kids are unwell. These very indiscretions wander in our lives throughout the day. At times, we are so overburdened by these thoughts that we end up forgetting to thank Christ.

So, what do you do in these moments? Well, just be yourself. Do not live under the false pressure of having to be perfect. God accepts everyone. He accepts the real you. And that is exactly what your child needs to know.

One of the easiest ways to introduce the concept of Jesus is by embracing yourself every time you do something wrong. For instance, if you experience a temper and say words that you don’t mean, take some time out, and pray to Jesus right before your kids. Tell God about your mistakes and how you have faith in him that he would ultimately forgive you.

This one simple practice goes a long way in solidifying the faith in God in young kids. Teach your kids to pray when they are worried or exhausted. Tell them that God always listens and forgives his followers. Lead by example.

Apologize and Own Up!

The power of a simple apology is limitless. Unfortunately, we often seem to forget this one fundamental truth. At times, I still remember my mother profusely apologizing to me- “Mommies can go wrong. Won’t you forgive me?”.

While this might seem counter-intuitive at the outset, witnessing my mom’s humble attempts at apology went on to become a defining element in shaping my character. An apology is not just powerful, but it also teaches kids the concept of forgiveness.

Now that you are already teaching them about the consequences of not living up to your responsibility, you might as well tell them that despite failing, God will always be by your side. Humans make errors, and God always forgives.

As your child grows up, they can connect with this concept better and have a lasting impression in their lives.

Foster Wisdom

Teaching Children Wisdom
Wisdom is our inherent ability to apply God’s ideals in our everyday situations. But even before your child enhances their wisdom, they need to know about Christ’s words. If your kid can read, incorporate Bible readings into their routine. Since your kids are still young, they’d only be overjoyed to learn about new stuff. In case you’re wondering what concepts to introduce, here are some suggestions:
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God: Teach your kid about God through Bible stories. You can always buy Jesus Christ story materials for Children. They are available in abundance. Use fun stories with a moral intonation like David and Goliath’s one, for instance. Contrary to popular books that teach you that one can achieve anything by sticking to God’s side, tell your kids that they should always ensure that they are with God just like God is with them.

Truth: As your kid starts growing up, they will encounter various moments of truth. But even before any of that happens, introduce them to the concept of truth. Next, add the word ‘truth’ to your daily conversations. Tell your kids how God is more affectionate to ones who seek and speak the truth. This will not just educate them but also foster good habits.

Bottom Line

God is omniscient and omnipotent. His grace empowers us and helps us become better individuals every single day. But even before your child understands this, they need to know that Jesus is their friend and he will always be by their side, no matter what. So, as you teach your kids the concepts discussed in this article, don’t forget to always remind them that Jesus is their friend and he can be approached at any time.

All you need is faith, wisdom, respect, empathy, and plenty of love. Once your kids understand this basic truth, they’ll be a step closer to knowing Jesus better and making him a part of their daily lives.