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Bible Lessons and Materials For Kids

As parents, you want to plant the seed of Christianity into your children’s hearts. That’s why it’s important to teach the Word of God at a young age. Children are at their prime age of learning. Their spongey brains are absorbing all of the knowledge around them. So if you want them to grow up as disciplined and selfless Christians, you need to introduce them to the Bible.

Children can learn about the Bible at school or church. But the best place to start educating is always at home. Teaching your children about the Bible will bring them closer to the Lord. It can also be a bonding and growing moment for you and your kids.

Here are ways on how you can teach your kids about the Bible at home.

Integrate the Bible in Your Daily Fun Activities

Reading Bible Bedtime Story To Kids
Kids are easily influenced by the things you do. They see you, the parent, as a role model. That’s why you should find ways to integrate the Bible into your daily life. That way, your young ones can follow suit.

You can do this by introducing Bible stories to your kids. Tell them a bedtime story from the Bible before they sleep. Research also shows that children learn best when they are playing. Turn Bible lessons into playtime by making it into a game. You can do simple quizzes, flashcards, and roleplays.

Kids will learn easier if something is turned into a habit. Make Bible learning a part of your kids’ daily routine.

Play Gospel Songs to Your Children

A study by the University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute discovered that music helps a child’s brain development. The music your children are exposed to at a young age can affect their cognitive abilities.

To make your children learn and love the Bible, let them listen to children’s gospel and religious music. These kids’ songs are easy to digest, melodious, and fun to listen to. Your children can learn a lot when studying its lyrics. They are also great to dance with!

Buy Materials for Kids Bible Lessons

Worship Woodworks’ Godly Wooden Materials
Classrooms are always filled with things that can help students learn. Teaching materials like toys, books, and media can aid a kid to gain more knowledge. The same is true at home.

Invest some time and money into Christian teaching materials. These can help you teach the Bible effectively to your kids. Your younglings can also use them to learn by themselves.

The best teaching aid you can use is the Bible. But a lot of Bibles can have a deeper vocabulary. That’s why you should consider buying one with simpler English or in your mother tongue. You can also buy a Bible with colorful illustrations that can attract your kids into reading them. Other materials you can buy are comics and picture books as well as Biblical wooden figures to make the bible lessons more interactive. Christian toys are also great if you want your kids to remember crucial Bible characters.

Watch Wholesome and Educational Shows

It’s natural if you feel a little wary about technology like TVs and the Internet. Some of the things that are shown on television or online can be damaging to children. But you shouldn’t be scared of these tools. With proper supervision and active watching, you and your kids can enjoy a range of age-appropriate shows.

Watching TV has shown to have plenty of benefits to a child’s way of thinking. Children’s TV shows can teach plenty of good morals and proper conduct. They are also good ways to keep your kids entertained while they learn. And because streaming services and YouTube are readily available on the go, you can bring your shows to any place you want.

Try Bible Video Games with Your Kids

Did you know that video games can also help kids learn? Indeed, they do! Just like television, video games can help your children learn a lot of things. The interactive nature of video games can help them stay active while learning.

Christian video games are available on computers, consoles, and mobile phones. You can find video games from different genres like puzzles, quiz shows, and adventure games. Most of these games are kid-friendly and easy to follow. You and your child will have a blast learning about Bible prophets and heroes on your small screen.

Pray Together as a Family

Mother Praying With Son
Another thing you can do is pray together as a family. In the Bible, Jesus taught his disciples to pray. Praying is the primary way to communicate with God. You become closer to him every time you speak to him. That’s why if you want your kids to learn, teach them to pray with you.

You can teach your kids to pray during different times of the day. They can pray when they first wake up. They can also pray during meal times when the family is together. They can also end the day with a final prayer. For a lot of families, praying in the evening is the best way to bond. It is when everyone is home, free from chores, and are spiritually ready.

Have A Bible Reading Session

Finally, have a time when your family can all get together to read the Bible. This can be a part of your evening prayer time. Make Bible reading fun by having everyone in a small group somewhere cozy. Let your children read the Bible and then meditate about the words of Christ. Finally, you can end the session with a prayer.


Teaching your kids about the Bible is an intimate and familiar experience. There is a sense of love and understanding when you and your family come together to practice your faith.

There are many ways to make Bible learning fun and sweet. You can turn it into an interactive game, or you can have a Christian movie night. But best of all, a simple get-together with a Bible and prayer can make everything better.

What’s important is that this experience is a positive one for your kids. A fond Christian moment with your children can help them learn their Bibles better. Pretty soon, they will do the same with their children and community.