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Providing Educational Bible Resources and Materials since 1995

Worship Woodworks enriches faith formation for all ages by providing affordable and 100% USA hand-made Godly wooden products.

For Complete Bible Study Lesson Plans

Make sure to get a copy of our Sunday School bible lessons made to the specifications and approval of the late Dr. Sonja Stewart.

Young Children & Worship

Sonja Stewart & Jerome Berryman

Biblical Lessons

Rev. Dick Gibson

Following Jesus

Sonja Stewart

On Sale Products

These products are either on sale or were not made to our specifications and are not sold at regular price. However, they are still usable and will function as intended.

Why Our Customers Love Us!

Jane Tyson

Have used their products for 10 years. The children love the Bible stories told with the wood figurines! My 1st story was Palm Sunday 2009! Attended a 3 day workshop with Kay and have almost 60 stories now.

Thank you Worship Woodworks!


Jane Tyson