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There are many ways to introduce kids to the bible and its teachings. Besides searching for the best bible lesson materials for children for sale today and using such materials in Sunday school, parents, teachers, and guardians can focus on the most interesting bible stories for kids that have valuable lessons. Here are the top 10 biblical stories kids love to hear and are bound to learn important lessons:


Creation Story

Worship Woodworks - The Prodigal Son Story

This is the first and most important story of the bible that gives children perspective over where we came from. Besides triggering your kids’ imagination, they’ll enjoy getting some answers and being introduced to God.


Noah’s Ark Story

This is another interesting biblical story with a strong message. It teaches the importance of obedience and the consequences of disobedience, making it a critical story in shaping your kids’ character as well as their knowledge of the bible.


Prodigal Son

Worship Woodworks - The Prodigal Son Story

This is undoubtedly among the most famous bible stories of all time. The prodigal son is great for teaching children forgiveness. It also teaches obedience and how children can always seek forgiveness from their parents.


Jonah & the Whale

This story also talks about disobedience and the consequences. It also teaches children the power of God’s will and that it must be done. This story is great for teaching kids to obey God or face unnecessary difficulties.


Moses & the 10 Commandments

Worship Woodworks - Moses Holding the 10 Commandments Puzzle

To teach your kids about the 10 commandments, you must take them through the story of Moses and the commandments – biblical principles on ethics and worship that Christians must follow to live life as God intended.


David and Goliath

The David and Goliath story stands out for teaching the power of good, however small, will always reign over rampant evil. It also teaches kids boldness and belief in God’s protection even when faced with impossible challenges in life like evil tyrants.

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The Birth of Jesus

Jesus’s birth in a manager is a great depiction of humility. Kids can also learn other important lessons such as how big things start small, the power of the holy spirit, the power of obedience, and most importantly, how God works through ordinary people.


Judas Iscariot

This story also offers a valuable lesson that kids need to learn. Judas betrayed Jesus, yet he was one of his disciples. Kids learn that betrayal is part of life. It can also come from the closest people. However, everything happens for a reason.


The Last Supper

Worship Woodworks - Davinci’s “The Last Supper” on Wood

The story of the last supper marks the final meal Jesus had with his disciples before being crucified. Events in the last supper, such as Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, shows the importance of humility. The disciples also reflected on their own lives, which is something Christians should always do.


Jesus Crucifixion

Crucifixion teaches a critical lesson – love. God’s love for man is so much that he willingly gave his only son to die for man’s sins. Jesus also accepted God’s will for the sake of mankind’s sin. Kids learn the power of love and obeying God’s command.

While there are other bible stories for kids that are interesting and teach valuable lessons, the above stories stand out. While these stories can be told orally, they are bound to stick and be more interesting if they are told using bible lesson materials for children for sale today.

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