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Studies have shown the importance of raising children religiously. However, kids are likely to develop a deeper interest in other things like games and sport. One of the best ways of introducing worship to kids is to incorporate activities that kids enjoy. You can buy religious educational materials for children to make your kids learn about the bible and worship with ease.

To get started, here are the top 5 religious educational materials you can use to teach worship to your kids.


Young Children Worship Books

A young children’s worship book is a good way to introduce children aged 3 to 7 years to worship. Worship Woodworks has a worship book specifically made for children. The book integrates worship and religious education in a way that children can understand and appreciate worship.

A good young children’s worship book should contain multi-sensory materials like colorful underlays, unique storytelling formats, and other materials that allow kids to develop as well as stretch their senses.

Worship Woodworks’ children worship book is a great book for Sunday school as well as learning in classrooms and homes for parents who want to buy religious educational materials for children.


Parable-learning materials

The bible has many parables, and there’s no better way to teach a child about important bible lessons other than through parables. Luckily, Worship Woodworks has three educational materials resources on three important parables in the bible you can consider when looking to buy religious educational materials for kids.

They include; The Parable Of The Two Sons, The Prodigal Son, & the Farmer And The Growing Seed. The parables come complete with learning materials relevant to each parable i.e., color prints, boxes, underlay, characters, and more to ensure practical and enjoyable teaching that is easy to remember.


Puzzle kits

Kids love puzzles, so it’s highly recommendable to teach them worship using puzzles. There are many bible teachings and symbols that can form puzzles (from crosses to commandment tablets). The puzzles can also incorporate activities like painting. Buy a puzzle kit for your kid from Worship Woodworks.

The company makes Easter mystery puzzle kits that offer good fun and bible teachings for kids. Puzzle kits can be bought alongside mystery bags that hold the puzzle pieces together, among other religious educational materials.


Biblical Lessons

A specialized book on biblical lessons can go a long way in teaching specific lessons of utmost importance to kids. Biblical Lessons (By Rev. Dick Gibson) is one such book. Rev. Dick Gibson covers some of the most important biblical lessons children should learn and follow in their day-to-day lives. The book contains 107 pages of interesting biblical lessons ranging from the Lord’s Prayer to the discovery of the church, the resurrection lesson, and more.


Worship programs: Young Children & Worship

Worship programs that incorporate exciting ways of introducing children to the gospel are important. One such program is Young Children & Worship. The program integrates worship and religious education in numerous training sessions and workshops. The program features a curriculum that takes children throughout the entire bible from the creation story to Pentecost. (Alprazolam)

Young Children & Worship invites both children and adults (parents and teachers) to experience the mysteries of the bible together in a unique storytelling format that features multi-sensory materials.

The program also features underlays for placing wood figures and playing out bible stories in a manner that allows children to be imaginative. Young Children & Worship also features materials (mountains to figures, bookmarks, and buildings) with various textures to develop and stretch children’s imagination. The program is ideal for Sunday school lessons, classroom lessons, and home worship lessons for children up to 10 years.



You can choose to teach worship to your kids traditionally without using any educational materials. However, you’ll have more success if you buy religious educational materials for children. These materials range from worship books and parable learning materials to puzzle kits and bible lesson books specifically meant for kids.

A complete worship program will also make it easier to teach your kids about the bible and other aspects of worship. Luckily, Worship Woodworks has everything you need for kids Sunday school and home learning on biblical lessons.