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You should introduce your children to religion as early as possible. When the time comes, you may start looking for religious educational materials for children for sale. Care to know what to buy/where to buy religious educational material for children? Look no further.

It’s easy to find religious educational materials online. However, as a parent, guardian, family member, or caregiver, you shouldn’t buy religious material for kids anywhere online for obvious reasons. The internet is full of unscrupulous individuals looking to cash in on any lucrative product.

However, religious educational materials aren’t just any product. They need to be high-quality and made by individuals with decades of experience and passion in ministry and/or child education. 

If you are searching for the best religious educational materials for children for sale today, we’ve summarized what you should consider buying and where to buy it online.



Kids love puzzles, so it’s a great idea to use them as religious education materials. The bible has many characters and stories that can be made into puzzles. As children solve these puzzles, they can learn important lessons. Puzzles offer limitless learning opportunities. You can buy puzzles about anything from the creation story to the ten commandments, Jonah’s story, and more.

Worship Woodworks has great puzzles for kids that can be used for Sunday School, bible study, classroom learning, or home learning.

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Books & DVDs

Worship Woodworks Religious Books & DVDs

Kids love books and watching things. Books and DVDs are therefore great religious educational materials for children. You need a variety of books and DVDs that are made for different ages and teachings. To create instant interest in religious education, consider buying religious DVDs for children.

Worship Woodworks has a vast selection of books and DVDs touching a wide variety of bible lessons depending on age and knowledge levels. Instead of conventional teaching methods, books and DVDs are bound to catch your young one’s attention, making them excited to learn.



Worship Woodworks - Parable Laminated Color Prints

You can also buy prints and use them as religious educational material. Kids love prints! Incorporating religious teachings like parables of the Good Samaritan, Prodigal Son, Great Pearl, Great Banquet and more in print is a sure way to make kids interested in parables.

Worship Woodworks has over 30 prints that you can use as religious educational materials for children. The prints feature parables, the creation story, ten commandments, gift cards, and more!


Short stories

Worship Woodworks - Parable of the Farmer and the Growing Seed Short Story

If you are searching for religious educational material for children that takes into account their short attention span, consider short stories. You can buy short versions of bible stories here to maximize the learning of important bible lessons.

Worship Woodworks has a variety of mini-stories for Sunday School and kid’s bible study. The miniature stories and other educational material will help teachers and parents complete children’s ministry curriculum in time without missing important lessons. Worship Woodworks has “everything” from shortened parable stories to “small” versions of important places and puzzles.


Wood Figures

Worship Woodworks - Multi-Wood Disciple Figures Set

If you are looking to buy toy-like religious materials for children, you can consider wood figures. These are simply wooden materials that represent many different aspects of the bible and bible stories.

Buy religious wood figures from Worship Woodworks. These figures include but aren’t limited to a wooden figure of Jesus, disciples, and children of God. Wood figures are important for making bible study more interesting and easier for both children and ministers, teachers or parents.


Find religious educational materials for children for sale at Worship Woodworks!

To find good educational material for children, you must know what kinds of materials make kids learn faster and better. Kids love puzzles, wood figures, prints, stories, and watching things.

Whether you want to buy puzzles, DVDs, short stories, wood figures, or prints for your child, Worship Woodworks stands out as a leading manufacturer of religious educational material for children. Since 1995, Worship Woodworks has been making religious educational materials for children of all ages. The materials are affordable, 100% hand-made in the US, and complete with any educational material needed to teach Sunday school or bible study lessons effectively.