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Worship Woodworks’ Wooden Animal Figures

The Bible is full of animals that represent important people and events in the story of history. It is also full of animals that simply appear in the text to show something about that person or event. These wooden animal figures are some of the most recognizable ones, but they’re not all there are! There are thousands of wooden animals throughout the Bible, and they can be found in several different types of books.

There are many different types of wooden animal toys and figures available, including sheep, horses, doves, and many more. One thing is for sure: no matter what kind of wood figures and accessories you want to buy, it will help keep those memories alive.

Animals and Their Importance in the Bible

God created man and animals according to His infinite love and wisdom. God values everything He created, including animals, and He wants only the best for them. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and He was pleased with all He made. (https://dougrushingrealty.com/) But He wanted more. So He decided to create animals and man. God created animals before he created man, and placed them in the perfect serenity that was then earth. (waltmassey.com)  

Browse these Worship Woodworks’ categories of wooden toys & figures for your Sunday school & bible study classroom. These are additional and replacement pieces for all of our bible stories which will help you complete your children’s ministry curriculum. Worship Woodworks hand crafts all these materials to help ministers, parents, and teachers to aid in your ministry to children by providing quality bible study materials for kids. For complete bible study lesson plans, make sure you have a copy of Young Children & Worship, Following Jesus, and Biblical Lessons books.