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Wooden Biblical Figures

Worship Woodworks’ wooden biblical figures are a unique form of art. They have been made by hand, and they depict a scene from the Bible in a way that is both beautiful and distinctive. However, what makes these pieces of art so special is not just their design or their construction—it’s also their use as a teaching tool for children.

In some ways, wooden biblical figures are no different than any other type of art. But in other ways, they’re very distinct from other types of artwork. (https://cozumelparks.com/) They have been made with the intention of helping people learn and discover about the Bible and its stories, which can be difficult for children who are just learning how to read on their own.

These wooden biblical figures help your child learn about God and his plan for life through His Word, the Bible. The more people know about God and His Word—and the more people study it—the better off we all will be.

There are many different types of wooden biblical figures available, including characters like Mary, or Baby Jesus the good shepherd, or Joseph. One thing is for sure: no matter what kind of wood figures and accessories you want to buy, it will help keep those memories alive.

Browse these Worship Woodworks’ categories of Godly materials & figures for your Sunday school & bible study classroom. These are additional and replacement pieces for all of our bible stories which will help you complete your children’s ministry curriculum. Worship Woodworks hand crafts all these materials to help ministers, parents, and teachers to aid in your ministry to children by providing quality bible study materials for kids. For complete bible study lesson plans, make sure you have a copy of Young Children & Worship, Following Jesus, and Biblical Lessons books.